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Yiasou! Greetings!

My name is Lori Yotides. I married into a wonderful Greek family some years ago only to find that they were sitting on Yia Yia's cookbook from the "Old Country". I dusted off this buried treasure and started cooking for my father-in-law, Spiro, for family, friends & Company at holidays, occasions and get-togethers. After some enthusiastic nudging, Spiro & Company was born. I added some of my personal touches to these authentic recipes and updated where needed. But, I held on to one consistent ingredient that is the basis of her cuisine and of my business: Fresh!

Although originating from the heart of Belgrade Lakes, Maine, we welcome both landlubbers and mariners alike. Our Grecian delights range from the homemade Spanakopita pastry oozing of feta and spinach and the Dolmathes or grape leaves overstuffed with a choice of top grade beef or lamb mixtures, to the succulent BFG Borger(Big, Fat & Very Greek) and the grilled pita wrapped favorites we have so proudly named Spiro's Gyros. Also, nobody walks away without being tempted by our mouth watering desserts featuring a colossal chunk of BAKLAVA!

"Cheezeborger! No Coke-Pepsi! No Cheeps-Spike Fries!"

-We are gourmet concession coming soon to a street curb, festival or special event near you.

-We are carry-off and catering with friendly, courteous attentiveness: always at your convenience and with our pleasure.

-We are a "Fresh Taste of Greece".

-We are Spiro & Company.

Apolauseis! Come & Enjoy!





[email protected]

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